Item selectors for Academy of Management is something wrong

The correct formation should be
Antoaneta P. Petkova, Anu Wadhwa, Xin Yao, and Sanjay Jain, 2014: Reputation and Decision Making under Ambiguity: A Study of U.S. Venture Capital Firms' Investments in the Emerging Clean Energy Sector. AMJ, 57, 422–448,

However, the year of zotero's format is 2013, due to this paper is published online 28 May 2013 and published in print 1 April 2014.

How to correct this?

Thanks very much!

Here is the example website:
  • <meta name="dc.Date" scheme="WTN8601" content="2013-05-28" />

    The page provides the wrong date for the article in its metadata, which Zotero uses to import. You should report this issue to the publisher.
  • We'll take a look -- the journal is doing some weird stuff in the metadata, but Zotero also isn't handling the import as it should.
  • I don't know wthether the publisher will regard the metadata as a mistake or they do it according to their principles.
    Is modifying the item selector easier?We can make a rule for AOM that if the website contains "published date in print", this date will be correct.
  • No, this isn't a trivial fix I'm afraid. I've created an issue here that would solve this, but it's fairly technical
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