"Automatically rename attachment files" not renaming files

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  • Sorry, I did not find a better thread to ask this. There is this feature called "Automatically rename attachment files using parent metadata" in the preferences; despite being activated when I add items to the library using Zotero Connector for Chrome, it almost never rename the PDF files. I really do not know how to report this or explain how to replicate this behavior. I mean, the procedure is straightforward of replicating the bug, however, this might be only a problem of mine or it might be that I am missing something.

    Sorry for being too long.
  • Sorry again. I found that the file name is changed every time in the OS but Zotero does not refresh the list for whatever reason that I do not know.
  • The attachment title and the filename are different things. When Zotero renames the file, it doesn't change the attachment title, which can provide additional information on the source of the file (e.g., "Submitted Version" for a preprint).
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