ISBN not resolved, but good and resolvable

i have a book ISBN (9788893570862 or 88-9357-086-6) which gives an error in zotero even if the vendors (e.g.,, ...) are able to resolve it. any idea?
thank you for your help
  • ISBNs do not "resolve" like DOIs do. There's no central repository of ISBN metadata. Zotero queries, in this order, the US Library of Congress, the German central catalog of libraries, and OpenWorldcat -- the ISBN 9788893570862 is in none of those three.
    Book vendors, unfortunately, are not a good source for book metadata.
  • hi adamsmith, thank you.
    the book is recent, so 'resolving' its ISBN implies that the book enters or the LOC, or the Deutsche National Bibliothek, or one of the libraries which confer data to Worldcat.
  • for Zotero purposes, yes, exactly (we dont' just query the Nationalbibliothek -- we query GBV, which is the joint catalog of most German academic libraries)
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