Repeating Citations

Hello! I am using Zotero for Chrome/Google Docs on a Macbook and the program keeps repeating my citations. Particularly after a citation includes a link, the program will input just the author's name or the entire citation repeated. When I "edit in Zotero" and delete the repeated citation, it doesn't go away. This isn't happening for all my citations, just some.
  • Which citation style are you using?
  • Chicago manual of style, 17th edition (full note)
  • When you say repeating, how does that look? Does it insert another footnote? Does it print the same citation twice in one footnote?
  • Here's an example:
    Jan Jacob Maria de Groot, The Religious System of China : Its Ancient Forms, Evolution, History and Present Aspect ; Manners, Customs and Social Institutions Connected Therewith, vol. V (Leiden: E.J. Brill, 1892), 867, Groot, V:867.

    It's repeating links, the author's last name, and page numbers. It also seems like it's treating the copied part (here from the second mention of the link) like an independent citation; when I 'edit with zotero' only one mention of de Groot comes up if I click into either.
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    That is truly odd. I would expect you to be able to just delete (in Word) the second citation -- if that works, that'd at least allow you to work.

    But if you can replicate under which condition this happens, that'd certainly be helpful. It obviously shouldn't and I don't recall every having seen/heard of this. (edit: but given that this is using google docs, there's a higher likelihood for undiscovered bugs)
  • @elysedmack You can use the document version history (in Google Docs under File) to check when precisely this happened and what caused it. Perhaps copying the citation or editing the citation text once inserted could cause it, but the issue does not appear to be trivially reproducible. This might only occur in citations which include an URL as part of the text as a result of clash between google docs trying to convert text into hyperlinks and Zotero citations under the hood being stored as hyperlinks too.
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