I moved from EndNote to Zotero

I was an EndNote user for many, many years. On multiple occasions I upgraded to the latest EndNote release hoping that my issues with EndNote might have been resolved. This was rarely the case. The latest disappointment was the unusably slow performance of EndNote in macOS Catalina.

I've been trying out Zotero for the last three months. It has met all my requirements. I was able to easily transfer my EndNote library via an XML file complete with all PDF attachments. In my context of use, Zotero has the same functionality as EndNote but it is fast whereas EndNote is unusably slow.

I've now belatedly said goodbye to EndNote. I wasted so much money on it over the years. I'm now with Zotero hopefully forever.
  • Hi Riskassessor, Great to find someone who has experience with Endnote and Zotero. I have to decide and convince collegues ... endnote or Zotero. Is there a list with features or a good comparison of both? Or why would you say Zotero is better? Which issues did you have with EndNote and how does Zotero solve them?

    Thanks a lot for you help!
  • A couple of major benefits of Zotero:
    1) Free, which is a major benefit when working with students
    2) Better citation support for a lot of styles
    3) Group functionality is much better—collaboration is easy, you can have unlimited members in groups
    4) In my experience, Zotero is much faster and more stable than Endnote
  • If your colleagues use bibtex, *much* better support for them (but I'm obviously heavily biased)
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    On that note, if they are R/RMarkdown/python, Google Docs, or Scrivener users, much better support for citation with those.
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