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Perhaps I am not aware, but is it possible to sync all data and attachment from Zotero to Onedrive? So I can easily have access to my articles on the go and read them?
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    That's the point of Zotero syncing and the Zotero web library.
  • I understand that part. However, that was not what I am asking. I am asking for the possibility of have copies/back up in clouds such as OneDrive. So I can do highlight etc the document. thanks for your input tho
  • Highlight how? In Zotero, to annotate/highlight a PDF you just open the PDF in your PDF reader of choice and then save the file, and Zotero will sync the changes normally.

    If you just want to have a backup, you just back up your Zotero data directory.

    If you don't want to use Zotero syncing, you can use linked files and the third-party ZotFile extension to keep files on an external cloud storage folder.
  • Yes, when I am on my laptop, I do highlight using my laptop PDF reader. I usually read on my way to work/school on an iPad however.
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    [Don't do this — D.S.]

    I can my solution to your problem. I have a folder named 'my_zotero' in my onedrive. Also, there is another folder 'my_data directory' inside the folder 'my_zotero'.

    Zotero-> Edit -> Preference -> Advanced -> Files and folders

    Base directory -> Choose 'my_zotero' folder
    Data directory -> Use custom and choose 'my_data_directory'

    Do this on every machine you use and by effect, everything is synced.
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    No, you absolutely shouldn't do that. The Zotero data directory should never located within a cloud storage folder. You will corrupt your database and lose data. Zotero will try to warn you about that if it recognizes the path as a known cloud-storage location. You should move it out of there immediately.

    It's fine to save linked files to cloud storage and point the base directory there, but the data directory needs to be on your local disk.
  • Thank you @dstillman, I wasn't aware of that. I think I am being lucky that it never occurred to me.
    However, I have a question regarding this. file Locking happens when Zotero is running. If I close the application, the lock won't be there (I am not an expert, just clarifying). In that case, unless I make any changes parallelly in two machines and/or cloud sync failed, will that be an issue?
  • File locks don't work across cloud storage. There's no way to safely keep your data directory in cloud storage if you have Zotero on multiple computers pointing at that directory.

    The single exception is if you only use Zotero on one computer and use the cloud storage purely as a one-way backup, and even then we don't particularly recommend it.
  • Thank you @dstillman for the information.
  • Can Zotfile do this?
  • Do what? What exactly are you trying to accomplish?
  • se puede editar referencias realizadas con ZOTERO en one drive?
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