Retrieve metadata without creating a parent item?

Is there a way to retrieve the DOI without creating a parent item, or alternatively to make the pdf the parent item?

I much prefer seeing my files as pdfs not hiding them under a parent item that doesn't make it apparent what's inside. Currently I just retrieve the metadata and immediate reverse the process and paste the DOI in the pdf's notes.
  • No. Zotero's entirely philosophy rests on metadata containers -- parent items -- to which one or more things can be attached. Note that with how you're using Zotero, you're breaking most of its functionality, including large parts of the search and, most notably, the ability to cite. Obviously up to you to do that, but it makes no sense for Zotero to support that.
  • "makes no sense" is a bit strong but I can live with it.
  • (to be clear, I'm not saying your preferences don't make sense; I'm just saying that they're not how Zotero is designed and so accommodating them don't make sense for Zotero).
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