Bibliography sorted by type of references

edited February 18, 2020
I am trying to figure out how to sort my bibliography by type of references:
1) Statutes
2) Cases
3) Books
4) Journal articles
And to order the items alphabetically in each sub-sections.
I am using OSCOLA.
When I entered each of my references into Zotero I always specified the "Item type" so I guess this should be easy, and yet I have gone through the forums and can't seem to be able to find an easy way to do this... The only thing I found is this:
...and I will only say that this reads Chinese to me. Can somehow please help me to do this in a simple way?
  • This isn't super simple, I'm afraid. Note that the existing OSCOLA style already sorts:
    1. Secondary Sources
    2. Cases
    3. Bills and legislation
    4. Treaties

    And alphabetical within those categories.
    That's not good enough for you?
  • I could live with this :) But when I click on the "insert bibliography" button, the sources are only sorted in alphabetical order. How do I get the sorting you mention?
    Thank you!
  • Oh ok, got it!
    Then I have to manually add the headings "1. Secondary Sources", "2. Cases", etc. Correct?
  • Right, the headings aren't inserted, but the sorting should be right. Note that the headings will get overwritten whenever Zotero updates the bibliography, so what you'll want to do is wait until right before you send/submit the paper, make a copy (don't skip that), in the copy, click "Unlink Citations" and then insert the headings in the right spaces.
  • Great, will do. Thank you so much for your help!
  • There is a system that many academics use (and anyone who needs a great system to deal with references and produce excellent looking, well organized documents). It is called LaTeX. Works very well with Zotero. A large learning curve but maybe worth it.
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