Recent problem: impossible to save the same item in two collections

Since some days, when I try to save an item in two different collections, it appears only in the last one, disappearing from the previous collection. Actually one can need the same item in two different collection. Has anyone got the same problem?
  • Hi Delia,

    I don't have the problem. There are two ways: One is just to drag, which normally adds (without removing) but there's another way, which is alt/shift-drag (depending on OS) that moves items.

    Can you maybe try the other one and see what happens?
  • I'm guessing that @Delia.Pitto is clicking the Zotero Connector's Save to Zotero button twice on the same page and expecting the item to be added to multiple collections. It has never worked that way. Clicking the Save to Zotero button on the same page will simply reopen the save popup and let you change the target collection (because it's meant to let you make changes if the save popup closes before you get to it).

    If you want to add the item to a second collection, you need to switch to Zotero and drag the item (which should be visible and selected after saving) to the other collection.
  • (Also note that if you reload the page before clicking Save to Zotero, it will save to the new collection, but then you'll have two duplicate items in your Zotero library, so you definitely don't want to do that.)
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