Move existing Zotero attachments to an external location

edited February 18, 2020
I have been a subscriber to Zotero storage for the past few years. Right now I decide to move attachement files to Google Drive, as says (see "Alternative Syncing Solutions" section). I followed the documentation and set up zotFile to save new attachments in Google Drive using linked files. This works well. However, I cannot find a way to move my old attachements that were stored in Zotero storage to the Google Drive. I would like to keep my current directories and subdirectories in Zotero while only moving the attachements to Google Drive, and make the Zotero entries link to this new external location so that I can still open the attachements using Zotero entries. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!!
  • Someone more familiar with ZotFile should be able to tell you, but I think you can just select the items with attachments, right-click, and choose Rename Attachments.
  • Manage Attachments --> Rename Attachments should work, yes.
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