Can Zotera Handle this issue?

I have a book, 400 manuscript pages, six appendices, and 700 endnotes. The author entered numbers in the body of the text to correspond to the notes now listed by chapter at the end of the book.

Now I need to e-pub the book and have dynamic endnotes that restart numbering with each chapter, but all the notes stay at the end of the document. Can Zotero automate this?
  • Zotero uses Word's built-in function to generate and number footnotes and endnotes and I'm pretty sure you _can_ do this in Word.
    There are a couple of things that won't work well with Zotero, specifically:
    1. It won't reset which citations are treated as subsequent/ibid with new chapters and
    2. For citation styles where that's relevant, references to the first note an item was cited in won't work.
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