How many zotero.sqlite files should I have?

I've noticed my Zotero folder is getting quite large in file size (>6 gb's), and not because of the file attachments (which are stored on iCloud with zotfile). I have over 100 zotero.sqlite and zotero.sqlite.bak files, and with each being at least 40-50mb it's adding up in space. Do I need all these? Shouldn't Zotero be replacing them as my backups update and library changes? How can I save space with my library files?
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    No, that's not right at all — by default, you should have zotero.sqlite, zotero.sqlite.bak, zotero.sqlite.1.bak, and possibly zotero.sqlite.[higher number].bak if you've upgraded from an earlier version.

    What are some of the filenames you see?
  • And just to clarify, you have your Zotero data directory in the default location ("Zotero" in your home folder), not in an iCloud-synced directory?
  • They just number up, so for example I see "zotero 6.sqlite" "zotero.splite.1 127.bak" etc.

    FWIW I did at one point have Zotero in an iCloud-synced directory but it (obviously) made for massive headaches/errors so I reorganized the data directory to be in my home folder and the file attachments to be in iCloud using zotfile. Maybe these extras are just some remnant of the (many) problems from keeping the data directory in iCloud? Do you think I can just delete them all except for the recent ones that Zotero seems to be using now, which align with the ones you said I should see?
  • The ones that seem to be in current use (based on date modified) are zotero.sqlite-journal, zotero.sqlite, zotero.sqlite.bak, and zotero.sqlite.1.bak
  • OK, yeah, you can just delete all the other ones. Let us know if it happens again. (You can also check the extensions.zotero.backup.numBackups setting in the Config Editor from the Advanced pane of the preferences, but unless you changed that it would still be set at the default of 2.)
  • Great, thank you so much!
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