Recommended Win10 + Android + WebDAV workflow?

I'm new-ish to Zotero and trying to organize my files to work on Win10 laptop and Android phone + Android tablet with WebDAV on pCloud. Is there a way to make these work well together?

Here's what I've tried to set up:
(a) Win10: Zotero standalone (sync to WebDAV/pCloud) + Connector for Chrome
(b) Android phone (for capture on the go): Android Chrome bookmarklet
(c) Android tablet (for capture + reading): Android Chrome bookmarklet + Zoo for Zotero (WebDAV/pCloud)

My problem is this: I cannot work out how to capture from Android so that PDFs end up in WebDAV.
* Articles captured on Win10 laptop save attachments to WebDAV as expected.
* Articles captured on Android Chrome bookmarklet save attachments to Zotero File Storage (see issue

I had thought that the Standalone client would notice the attachments were in the wrong place (Zotero File Storage instead of WebDAV) and move them during the next sync. But it seems it only did that once (when I changed to WebDAV from ZFS), and doesn't seem to check anymore. (I tried Reset File Sync History just in case, but no luck).

* Article attachments captured on Win10 laptop are on WebDAV, accessible to Win10 Standalone and Android Zoo for Zotero.
* Article attachments captured on Android Chrome bookmarklet are in ZFS, accessible via web interface, but not Win10 standalone or Zoo for Zotero.

In other words I have a "split" repository, and I can't find a sensible way to move the attachments from ZFS to WebDAV.

I tried ZotFile in the standalone, but it can't get at the bookmarklet-captured files in ZFS, it seems that the standalone client doesn't look at ZFS at all if it is set to save attachments in WebDAV.

I understand that bookmarklet can't talk to WebDAV, but I thought that there must be some way to move attachments from ZFS to WebDAV.

Am I missing something? Is there a good way to do this? Or is there a different way to capture articles from the browser on Android so they end up in WebDAV?
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