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I am super new to Zotero, and wanted to try to use it today. Every time I click the button on the Word toolbar, I get the Mac spinning beach ball. I then google and read these forums and see this is a common issue? Then I note that there is no way to access Help from Zotero itself? I clearly have to give up on Zotero. Unless someone has an easy solution, I am super frustrated at this point -
  • No, it's not a common issue. (You can find references to almost anything here — that doesn't mean things are common.)

    Restart Zotero and Word and try again, and if you're still having trouble provide a Report ID from Zotero and let us know what exact version of Word you're using.
  • Thanks for your response! I have had to restart Word each time to get rid of the Spinning Beach Ball of Death - how do I restart Zotero? Thanks for the link to the Report ID! I couldn't find anything here!
  • Restart Zotero -- just close the application and re-open it or use File --> Exit

    Report ID -- you should always be able to submit an error report and thus provide an error report here.

    Also, would still need your exact Word version.
  • I am in Word for Mac 16.34. I don't seem to be able to find where to locate a Report ID, nor can I close Zotero. I cannot do anything with Zotero, since it keeps then causing Word to not response and requiring a force quit. I imagine I need to remove the extension and then, perhaps, replace it -
  • We're talking about Zotero the application, not Zotero the Word add-on. You should have that running when trying to insert citations -- if it isn't running, the Word add-on should display an error message, but it's possible that's not working correctly.
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