Advanced Search


In the Advanced Search, the default field is set to Title. I was wondering wether we can change this default selection to another such as Attachment Content?
  • Can we request having this option in the Config Editor in future updates? or, is it too complex to implement?
  • No, I don't see us making this configurable, even with a hidden pref.

    I could perhaps see having it default to the search condition that was selected as the first search condition in the last advanced search window that was opened (not counting edited saved searches).
  • Having this feature would be really perfect. True! This somehow the same feature that macOS has in its Finder search. The options for "When performing a search:" are:

    1. Search This Mac
    2. Search the Current Folder
    3. Use the Previous Search Scope

    I think, something like the number 3 would work for the Advanced Search in Zotero.
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