Quick search vs. Advanced Search

edited February 16, 2020
My Zotero version: 5.0.83-beta.12+a53f363b8 + Window 10

Quick search make me find notes containing words by making the titles in black.
However, Advanced Search doesn't make them in black, so it's very confusing for me to pick notes I want.

Especially, when I want to find some notes in an item with many notes, I use Advanced Search. With Title contains "AAA" + Child Note contains "aaa" search, I expect to see child notes containing "aaa" in black line, but it list AAA with all the notes in gray line.

Advanced Search used to make notes in black, as I remember.

For clear understanding see following pictures, please.
I want to fine notes with "eloquence".



What can I do?


  • You're using the "Child Note" condition, which matches the parent, which is why the parent is black. To match the child itself, you have to use the "Note" condition. To pair that with a search for the parent item, check "Include parent and child items of matching items".
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