Failure to Integrate Zotero Add-on in Ubuntu Libreoffice

Hi, I'm having a lot of trouble integrating zotero into libreoffice. I installed zotero after libreoffice, checked that the zotero "libreoffice add-on" is enabled, and still cannot find the zotero toolbar in libreoffice. I also tried installing the extension pack file from and install it in libreoffice as an extension, but while it prompts me to locate the file from the snap folder a pop up window appears telling me I have no permission to view the folder.

Fortunately I did get the firefox-zotero plugin to work so I can still import citations somehow efficiently, but it is just a hassle to not be able to import citations and bibliographies directly into the paper I am working on.

Both of my libreoffice and zotero installations are from the Ubuntu software store. I am running Ubuntu 18.04.4.LTS on a Lenovo pc.
  • What versions of Zotero and LibreOffice?

    See these steps and, if you're still having trouble, let us know what you've tried and what happened at each step.
    I also tried installing the extension pack file from
    I'm not sure what you're referring to. The LibreOffice extension is bundled with the Zotero application and isn't something we make available for download separately.

    (Note that we don't provide a Snap package ourselves, only a tarball, so anything related to that we can't help you with.)
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