Lost data in Zotero app - can I get it back from the document I was using it on?


My laptop recently crashed, and I have lost about half of my zotero library because my time machine backup was old and I did not back up after adding a whole bunch of stuff I was working on. I have the document I was working on, with all of the in-text references and the created bibliography - all done through Zotero. Is there any way that I can use the document to get back the inputs I have lost in the Zotero app? Also, my sync was not activated at the time of the crash.
  • Kind of, yes. You can use
    https://rintze.zelle.me/ref-extractor/ to get the information back. CSL JSON is going to be the best format to choose.

    Note, however, that the items you import will _not_ actually be linked to the citations in the document (nor, obviously, will they have any attached files the originals may have had), so while you'll have them for future use and while the document will continue to work, if you want to make changes to the metadata for an item used in this particular document, you'd need to delete the reference in the document and re-insert it from your Zotero library.
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