To Unlink or not to Unlink

Is there any reason to unlink Zotero fields before sending a large Wordfile to layouting? This is a 650 page doc for a book. Which is the best?
  • The only reason I can think of would be if you wanted separate bibliographies for each chapter.

    When you do unlink, it’s best to keep a copy with links, so that you can go back to it if needed.
  • I don't actually use the bibliography (instead I assemble them in a Zotero library and then paste them into the document, since I need to make several parts (sources and literature and music scores).

    However, I will unlink the citations, it feels better when I pass this onto the printers.

    And yes, I will certainly keep the linked copy, should I ever need to go back to it.
  • Yes, that's indeed preferable. The Chicago manual actually explicitly warns that such fields can lead to problems with automated processes used in typesetting and printing
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