Feature Request: Auto-Tagging based on Collection Name


1) I have an existing Collection
2) I add a new Resource to that Collection via a browser plug-in or drag-n-drop
3) The Resource is auto-tagged with the name of the Collection.

I can choose to leave this default tag as-is, remove it, or add more.

This would likely also require a Preference Setting to turn this functionality on/off.

Thanks for considering this feature-creep!
  • edited February 14, 2020
    I don't think we'd implement that — collections and tags are conceptually nearly the same thing, so it seems redundant for most workflows — but it'd be a trivial plugin if someone wanted to create one.

    Adding either a default tag or some sort of read/unread toggle to new items is a fairly common request and something we might add at some point.
  • Okay - thanks for the response.
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