Automatically creating references with PDFs:

Hi! I am wondering what is the most efficient way to do a couple of tasks in Zotero. I found ways to do these but are too manual and require quite a few steps.

1. I want to generate (thousands of new) references in Zotero from a news agregator website with a PDF of the news attached to each one (instead or in addition to the default snapshot). If I go to each one of the news links and click on the Zotero Connector button, it generates an Embedded Metadata (Webpage type) record with a Snapshot. However, I would actually need it to be a PDF as I will need to import these into NVivo later, and from what I have tested, NVivo does not like snapshots. Any suggestions on how to generate PDFs from a website (instead of Snapshot) and automatically adding these to a (not manually) generated parent reference (and its main fields automatically filled)?
These is an example:

2. I have a list of hundreds of URLs that link to publications -not directly to their PDFs but to a site that has a short description and a link to those PDFs. I want to add these references and their PDFs to Zotero in the most efficient way. If I click on the Zotero Connect it generates a Blogpost type but does not attach the PDF that I actually need. Any suggestions?
This is an example:

Many thanks

  • Can anyone help? Thanks ! :)
  • I still haven't been able to solve this. Thanks for any help.
  • I think you're not getting answers because there's no straightforward way to do either of these things, at least automatically.
    For 1., you can obviously save the website as a PDF and then drag it to the item in Zotero, but that seems quite tedious.
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