copy/paste in word or how about where are "tools"?

I'm trying to fix the copy/paste issue from Zotero to Word. Directions say go to tools - add plug in - where might I find tools? If I can't find it I can't fix it! What are the next steps?

This has stopped my research in its tracks - piles are happening..scary piles.

  • What is the issue you are experiencing and what troubleshooting steps are you doing? "Tools" is a menu in the Zotero client (like File, Edit, etc.).

  • I don't see file, edit, etc either.

    I can't copy and paste from Zotero to Word when I create a bibliography. The clipboard doesn't show and I can't highlight on the Zotero clipboard.

    Troubleshooting - read forum posts that said add a plug-in in tools. I don't know if this means tools in Zotero or Word.

    I just had a realization that I might need to update Word?
  • This is still a bit confusing and it would help if you described what you're actually doing (as in -- "I click on an item in Zotero and then ....") rather than in abstract categories. You can also take screenshots, upload them to a free image hosting site like, and link to them here.

    But if you don't have menus like Filed, Edit, Tools, at the top of Zotero, you're most likely using the web version. While that does allow copying citations to the clipboard, it's much more limited than the Zotero software, which you can install from -- unless otherwise noted, all troubleshooting on the forums and in the documentation refers to the local application, not the web view.
  • I am using the web version. I had no idea there was actual software. I'll try downloading the software and see if that solves the problem.
  • Do you know if everything stored in the online version will automatically transfer to the software version?
  • You need to set up syncing in the preferences of the desktop app.
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