Syncing error - Report ID: 1777271190

edited February 13, 2020
Help! When I go to sync, I get this - see below. I had to cut off the bottom of the error because it exceeded the character limit for this post. I did report it though.
[JavaScript Error: "HTTP GET failed with status code 401"]

[extra lines removed — D.S.]

<h1>This Page Cannot Be Displayed</h1>

Authentication is required to access the requested web site (&nbsp;proxy-v2&nbsp;).
A valid user ID and password must be entered when prompted.

If you have questions, please contact
Help Desk […]
  • You don't need to post the contents of the report here, only the Report ID, but as you can see, you're getting an authorization failure from your university proxy.

    See Connection Error, and ask your IT department if you need help configuring your proxy settings.
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