Can zotero identify missing required fields for the entries?

edited February 13, 2020
When I open my bib file from zotero using JabRef I get to see which entries have missing required information like for instance journal/booktitle etc.


The entries coloured red indicate missing required info for that particular item type.

Is there anything equivalent in zotero?
  • No. We discussed this, but "missing required information" is a rather problematic category -- things like, e.g. a volume number or an author should be provided when it exists, but you can have perfectly valid citations without them.
  • You're right, sorry about this (weak memory, should have searched before posting)
  • There is something equivalent sorta-in Zotero -- if you install BBT and enable the quality report the export will have comments about missing fields. The QR is pretty basic for bibtex (not much is documented on what constitutes a valid item in bibtex), better for biblatex.
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