list by custom numbers

I already have a collection of papers in my actual office organized by arrival time: each paper has its own number (i.e., 1, 2, 3 etc). Now I would like to add to my papers in my Zotero list those numbers, and order my Zotero papers according to those numbers. I cannot believe this is still not possible. Years ago the only software doing this to my knowledge was Endnote. Anything changed?--thanks in advance.
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    I exported my Endnote library as "text only" with "RefMan (RIS) Export" style. Then I replaced every "LB -" (where I had my custom numbers in Endnote) with "CN -" (Call Number) in the output file. And finally, I imported that file into Zotero. For those entries (books) with a complex CN already in place, I placed a "0" before each complex CN, so these entries move to the bottom of my list. Same for those entries with no CN (I just write "0"). ... And now, FINALLY, I am okay with Zotero. So far so good...
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