Information included in the reports generated from a list of items

When generating a report of a list of items of type 'report', I see that some fields are not included.
For example, the fields 'report number' and 'institution' are not included.
Is there any way to include them?
  • That's not something I'm seeing — if I create a blank Report item and enter values for Report Number and Institution, and then right-click on the item and choose "Generate From from Item…", those fields display properly in the report.
  • (any chance this got fixed in the last 10 days? I was almost certain I replicated the issue when it was posted but am not seeing it now either)
  • I'm not seeing it in 5.0.82, at least with a test item.
  • Thanks Dan for the reply,
    Now I realize then that the problem is with Zotero Report Customizer, by Emiliano Heyns.
    If I disconnect this add-on, then it is true that these fields are included in the report, but there are also several others that I do not want.
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