Sending URL link with online version

Since the new upgrade, I cannot find the link to send a URL link with the online version?
  • Do you mean from the Desktop version? I believe that has only even been part of Zutilo and is still be available there (enable it through the preferences).
  • No I actually meant online, we used to be able to right click and copy ur link in the online version to send links of papers to colleagues but this functions seems to have disappeared now.

    We haven't been using Zutilo, is this an additional add on that you need to download?
  • Zutilo is an add-on for the Desktop version, yes.

    The URL in your browser changes as you select items in the new online version. You can just copy & send those.
  • Thank you this makes sense I will try this for the online mode.

    I will try and use the add-on my only problem with this is my IT department I think struggled to send out this add-on across the company and it had to be added individually which is not too feasible for us but will relook at this again.
  • Do you know if there is any way we can add the add on automatically, out IT department manage to send out the updates automatically but are struggling to find a way to add the plug in in the same way, is there any help you could provide for this issue?

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