Zotfil anotation extraction :

Bug 232563070

Hi ! I know use Zotero since 1 year, and ZotFile since pretty much the same time and it saved my life many times !

Everything was ok, but since a couple of days I can't extract the anotation of my pdf anymore. I take documents that are anotate (and not other copy or snapshot), but when I try nothing happens. I try to quit the app etc. but there is this gray "caution" up the window when I want extract the anotation.
I had storage issues that I solve this morning by adding 2go to my librairy but nothing is changing. Anyway, if you have any advice or way to fix that it'll be wonderfull !
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    appVersion => 5.0.82, extensions => ZotFile (5.0.9, extension)
    You're using an outdated version of ZotFile that won't work in the current version of Zotero. Reinstall the latest version from the ZotFile site, or try to update from Tools → Add-ons in Zotero. (Extensions should update automatically, so there may be a problem with your Zotero installation if that's not happening.)
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