ignore field on BBT import

@emilianoeheyns: Is there an option in Better-BibTeX to ignore a certain field on importing a .bib file? I was looking and did not find an option for that.

At the moment both 'mendeley-tags' and 'keywords' are imported as tags. I want to ignore the keywords and import only the tags.
  • Not currently possible. I am willing to consider it, but I'd prefer it if you can open an issue on github with a sample file that has these fields.
  • I just realized that I can delete the unwanted field in JabRef prior to the zotero import. That is a doable workaround.

    I thought BBT might have a similar ignore option for the import as for the export.

    If you want, I can still open a github-issue with example.
  • I'd rather not add features that don't address an existing use-case. If jabref does the job easily, that seems like a good option.
  • What is the difference between the two in mendeley btw?
  • In Mendeley, keywords seem to be the ones imported from metadata (i.e. when a journal sets keywords). It is just a metadata field. While tags can be set by the user very similar to the use case in Zotero.
  • That could be the difference between automatic tags and user tags. That is possible.
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