MLA Footnote Citation Edits Help

edited February 11, 2020
I need some of changings at MLA but I couldn't success these edits.These edits are:

1> "Web Site Title", Web Site Container Title, , 15 December 2012. http://url/. (Accessed Date: 15 December 2012).

Help: there is two comma after "....Container Title, ," second comma should remove.
2> ContributerSurname, Name, "Title", Container Title, ; .......

Help: This is a newspaper article has a uncessary comma after title and it should remove and it should be as "Title;"
3> AuthorSurname, Title 105.

Help: This is a subsequent footnote. Before this there is two reference at same footnote. At this footnote after "Title" need a comma and before page number need and abbrreviaton as "s.105."
The MLA code which is belong to above:
  • 1. You should go through the style and try to avoid using any spaces in suffix fields. The issue is caused by suffix=", " in line 320, but there are a bunch of others.

    2. You set a comma after title in line 240. You'd need to modify accordingly.

    3. Move point-locators-subsequent into the group right above it so that it gets a comma delimiter. I'm not sure why you're not getting the s., though -- that's in multiple places all over the style. If everything, the fact that you repeat it in 2 or 3 places will cause problems.
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