Advanced search for items whose attachments INCLUDE (among others) PDFs

edited February 11, 2020
I have some items that have no full text attachment (in either form). So, to exclude these from my quick search results, I saved a simple advanced search: "filetype of attachment is PDF". I thought that I could then select the saved search in the left column. Then I would search only in this part of my collection and find practically all my full-text items.

Unfortunately, this method excludes some items. Especially it doesn't take into account attachments which have, in addition to PDF, an attachment of the epub or mobi type.

1. Can I modify my method to limit the search results to those where I have a full-text attachment?

2. Should we add a new operator to the advanced search, namely "attachment file-type INCLUDES .xyz?
  • Hey again, it seems I've been mistaken. The advanced does find those items I was looking for.
    What was really causing my problem was that I hadn't checked the box called search subcollections (name may vary as I've translated it)
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