Create Zotero library using disk directory structure

  • (It looks like the plugin only has English strings currently, so if your Zotero is set to a language other than English, display of the options dialog would fail unless you switched the language to English in the Advanced pane of the preferences.)
  • @dstillman I do have several languages in Windows, but the default language is English, as well as the language of Zotero is set to English.
  • edited February 14, 2020
    Oh yeah the plugin is more a proof of concept than anything, but the missing string is actually worse -- the dialog used a string that's only defined if you have BBT loaded. Oops. New version should be up now. It's still English-only, but all the strings are hard-coded. The idea is still to flesh this out and then to submit a PR, but having it as a plugin now allows user-testing more easily.

    @depswa the error you see is now gone -- the plugin also allows you to choose whether you want to link or store, and will list all extensions in the import dir. The UI is beyond ugly, partially because it's getting harder and harder to find docs or support from Mozilla (I've re-ordered the O'Reilly "Building RIAs with XUL" since I've misplaced my copy, but I doubt that covers everything I need), and partially because I really, really don't like UI work. But if you're currently helped -- great!
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