Library vanished from second computer

I have been using Zotero for a few years. Six months ago I added it to a new computer. All my files are stored in a Dropbox folder which is also synced across both computers. This worked fine, although for the last few months I got an error update message about having Zotero already open/open on another computer. Since January this year, the files on my work computer (the recent addition) are gone. When I try to sync through preferences, nothing happens. How can I get my files back on this computer?
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    If you mean that you have your Zotero data directory in Dropbox, you absolutely shouldn't do that — you'll corrupt your database, and Zotero would've warned about that if "Dropbox" appeared in the path. You should move your data directory out of there immediately.

    To recover, you should restore from a backup of your zotero.sqlite file.

    If you're sure your data is all online, you can close Zotero, delete zotero.sqlite, restart Zotero, and sync to pull down the data in your online library. If that's not working, see Changes Not Syncing.
  • Hi, I have my base directory in Dropbox for linked attachments but not my data directory. Figured it out. Thanks for your help!
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