Shortcut for ‘additional fields' menu?

I'm using Zotero with Word Version 16.32 for Mac.
Since I like using shortcuts for everything, I configured that I can insert a new citation or edit an existin citation with ctrl+c.
But I often have to add a page number or a prefix to the citations, which I do in the menu that opens when you click on the citation in this red framed window.
Is there a shortcut to open this 'additional fields' menu/window for page and prefix/suffix?

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  • edited February 9, 2020
    Yes. Here's the guidance that appears the first time you use the citation dialog:
    After you've made your selection, click the bubble or press Cmd-↓ to add page numbers, prefixes, or suffixes. You can also include a page number along with your search terms to add it directly.
    (It's Ctrl-↓ on Windows/Linux.)

    If you open the popup, you can Tab/Shift-Tab between fields. (There's an open ticket to make it focus the page number field automatically like it used to.)

    As it says, if you want to add a page number, the easiest thing is to just do that as part of the search string. If you want to do it while editing a citation without opening the popup, it's also possible to just type "p123" if you move around first with the left/right arrows, but the left/right part shouldn't be necessary, so we'll try to fix it to allow you to type "p123" immediately after bringing up the dialog.
  • we'll try to fix it to allow you to type "p123" immediately after bringing up the dialog
    We've fixed this in the latest Zotero beta.
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