proxy.proxy exclusion in Zotero Connector

edited February 9, 2020
Zotero Connector saves a list of sites that should be redirected via a library proxy. This is very convenient but it also causes problems.

E.g., I cannot use the library search services via this redirection since recently. I have removed the relevant entries from the proxies.proxies list in Zotero Connector's Advanced Settings. This fixes the problem on the first access after removal, from what I can tell. After that the Connector adds the entry again. The yellow bar that asks whether the user wants to access a given site via a proxy is not shown or flashes too fast for any action.

Can I permanently exclude certain sites from proxy redirection? How?

Thank you.
  • Note that you don't need to edit the setting directly — that just reflects what you can already configure in the Proxies tab.

    Could you give an example of a series of URLs where this is causing a problem for you? (You can x out institution names, etc.) We can discuss this, but it sounds like potentially a misconfiguration on the library site. Once you agree to add a proxy to Zotero, it will automatically add hosts for later redirection (which show up in the Proxies tab when you click on a proxy entry) when you actually access them through the proxy — it notices that you're on a URL that includes the proxy scheme. So hosts that you remove should only be added back if the library site actually links to the proxied versions of those hosts and you click through those links, and if that's the case the URL should obviously work through the proxy (or else it would be broken when you clicked on it).
  • Actually, I am trying now and my manual deletions of offending entries seem to be remembered. Not sure why they were coming back before but not now.

    These are the entries like ""

    The standard library search here redirects to Ebscohost and such addresses can take form of eds.a eds.b and other variants, I do not know why or what for...
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