feature request: duplicate collections (and subcollections if possible)

Dear Zotero Team,
Happy new year 2020! sorry I am a bit late. Although it is never too late to thank you for your great work developing and debugging Zotero!

I would like to add a feature request to the Z wish list: to be able to duplicate collections. If subcollections can be duplicated automatically, this would be awesome. But just collections would help a lot. I hope I did not miss a similar request in the forum.

My situation, in case there is a known workaround: I am a lecturer and each semester/year I create a new bibliography for each course, which I structure in 3 collections levels: 1) course, 2) year/semester and 3) by lecture (about 20 collections, each with several items).

Usually minor changes are made to the bibliography but I need to recreate manually all the collection structure for the new course and add all bibliography manually copying from year before. Therefore, it would great If I could just duplicate the previous year lectures and add them to the new year folder, or, if you can implement duplicate subcollections, just duplicate a year.

Do you think it is worth it? Is it possible?

Thank you very much,

Best regards,

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