Updated Zotero - The most recent references I added are no longer there?

Hello - my zotero updated itself two days ago (now on version 5.0.82), and I can no longer find the references I added in the last 6 months. I have also lost several new folders that I added. I never use the online version of Zotero, only the desktop version. This also happened at the last update, and seems to be a continuing problem. I have pressed the green circular arrow to update, but the references are not appearing.

Could you help me restore my references?

Thank you,
  • A normal update is basically no different from simply restarting Zotero — it has no effect whatsoever on your data. We can try to figure out what happened for you, but there's a good chance it's unrelated to the update.

    First, make a complete backup of your Zotero data directory.

    Then let us know 1) the location of your data directory (you can x out your username), 2) the names, dates, and sizes of the zotero.sqlite* files in your Zotero data directory, and 3) whether folders in the 'storage' subfolder correspond to your recent usage of Zotero or whether they're only from 6 months ago.

    See Locating Missing Zotero Data for the general instructions here.
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