Combining 2 google docs with their own zotero citations

I have multiple large google docs with approximately 20 citations AMA style embedded using zotero (1,2,3, ect). These are all sections of what will become a much larger, 100+ page document with one bibliography at the end. When I copy and paste the text from one document into the other to combine them and click "refresh", the numbers do not change to reflect their new order. So in-text citations "1,2,3" of document 2 (now added to document 1) should become "4,5,6", but they do not.

Does that make sense? Am I doing something wrong? Thank you for your help.
  • would my best option be to transfer the docs with citations to word documents and combine them that way in one large word documents, then reupload as a google doc? I would like to avoid the extra steps if possible.
  • In the new document, are the pasted citations still active citations? That is, if you click on them, do you see a popup with "Edit with Zotero"?

    Can you reproduce this copying between two new Google Docs documents?
  • Initially it appears so. If you click on the superscript next to the copy and pasted cited sentence, the prompt to edit the citation pops up. If you click edit or type in "ctrl,cmd,c" it gives a pop up that states something like "Selected field B7EM39 not returned from Docs backend". Whichever sentence is copy and pasted, no matter which document I paste it into, has the same results.
  • Boosting this, because I'm having a similar issue of being unable to combine two Google Docs w/ citations into a single Google Doc. Once I've copied and pasted the two documents together, it looks like the Zotero citations are active, but when I go to "add/edit bibliography" I get the message "You must insert a citation before performing this operation."

  • Make sure you copy and paste the documents on a browser that has Zotero Connector installed, otherwise the copy-paste procedure won't work. You should see a prompt after a paste notifying that Zotero is updating the document. If you don't, see if updating the bibliography works on each document individually first.
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