Find available PDF regularly reverts to preprint

I noticed that Zotero regularly attaches arXiv or other preprints even when the version of record from the journal should be available (through the institute network, no proxy). This particularly happened to me for APS (Phys. Rev. family) journals. It seems to happen quite randomly - sometimes the published manuscript is downloaded and sometimes the preprint. If I delete the attachment and do 'find available PDF', it usually gets the published version though.
  • What do you mean by "revert"? Do you mean that you see it try to download a PDF and then switch to a preprint version ("Accepted Version", etc.)? Generally that would happen if the PDF couldn't be downloaded and it was falling back to the favored open-access version from Unpaywall data.

    Can you provide a Debug ID from Zotero (not the connector) that shows this happening?
  • Sorry for being unclear, I indeed meant "fall back to".

    I just reproduced an import through 'Add item(s) by identifier" where this happened (even though I was on a VPN that should give me access to the article): D1774428347

    Deleting the attachment and looking for the PDF again, I get the right PDF: D892160030
  • There was a file sync going on during that first Debug ID, which pushed any relevant lines out of the log. Can you provide another one that shows it failing? (You can temporarily disable auto-sync while generating it.)
  • Sorry, here is another reproduction of that import: D955453422
  • I now had the same behaviour for a non-APS journal, Nanotechnology from IOP. Again the arXiv preprint was downloaded via `add item` and once I remove the PDF and to `find available PDF` I get the right one.
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    I'm seeing the same behavior. I'm getting "accepted" version of the paper (no formatting, figures at the end) instead of the Journal website version when using add item. Removing the PDF and using "find available PDF" downloads the correct version. I'm using my institutional internet connection so paywalls should not be a problem.

    Is there a setting I need to change?
  • We'd only be able to debug it with a Debug ID from Zotero for the save attempt that produced unexpected results.
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