Attached articles cannot be opened

I hope that you can help me. I attached a lot of articles with the paperclip-symbol ("add attachments"). The articles are stored locally in a sciebo-folder on my computer and linked to zotero. When I closed Zotero yesterday and opened it again, I could still open the articles, but when I opened the program today, the articles could not be opened. I have no problems with the articles which were added by the picker. Our zotero group is used by several people which work with different laptops. Does anyone know a solution?

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  • What was the exact option that you used? "Attach Stored Copy of File…" or "Attach Link to File…"?

    When you double-click on a file, are you getting an error message? If so, what does it say? (You can x out private parts of the file path if there is one.)

  • The message said that the attached file could not be found in the path. It could be shifted or deleted outside of Zotero, or if it was added on another computer, it could be that it was not synchronized to Zotero.

    Path C:\Users\SReut\sciebo\B06_general\Zotero files\storage\WLGW73CR\Armon-Lotem et al. - 2016 - A large-scale cross-linguistic investigation of th.pdf
  • OK, and when you go to that folder, there's no PDF, correct?

    That means 1) it was somehow deleted outside of Zotero (very unlikely), 2) you changed your Zotero data directory to point to a new location without moving files (possible, since you're using a non-standard location), or 3) you or someone else simply added that file on another computer and the file hasn't been synced from that computer (most likely).
  • Thank you for your fast response! Yes, I cannot open the attached PDFs. The file was definitely not deleted outside of Zotero.

    In zotero, I indicated the corrected location where the files are stored (Edit -> Settings -> Advanced -> Data directory >Files and folders -> own storage location).

    I added the file myself on my own computer, but I did not sync since I assumed that the data are stored automatically.
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