Edit single citation style

A case JTG Management Services Ltd. v. Bank of Nanjing Co. 2014 BCSC 715is showing in McGill style as [2014] BCSC 715. Is there a way to edit that single citation, without changing the entire style for all citations?
  • I don't know how McGill is coded, but might be possible to fix just by adjusting the metadata. Otherwise, you can just edit the item in Word. It won't update from Zotero anymore, but the changes will stick.
  • edited February 7, 2020
    It might be that the section tests for container-title values but I am not sure, given my ignorance of XML, how one could test for only certain textual container values, such as CarswellOnt, and then proceed to render without [].

    For the time being, the addition of unwanted [ ] can be avoided by cutting the 'Reporter' field and pasting it into the 'Court' field, which causes other problems, but at least it renders without [] around the date.

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