Word add-in won't install and displays error message despite manual installation.

After installing Zotero, but not seeing it displayed in Word (2013), I installed the Zotero Word plugin manually, restarted the computer and ensured the add-in is enabled in in the Zotero add-in manager, but I am unable to use Zotero to insert citations etc. In Zotero edit/preferences/word processors the Word add-in is showing as 'not currently installed', but when I select 'Install' I get this message: 'Installation could not be completed because an error occurred. Please ensure that Microsoft Word is closed, and then restart Zotero.' Needless to say, Word is closed.

Can anyone help? I would appreciate explanations that are not too tech-heavy as it took me long enough to manage all of the above! Thanks in anticipation.
  • Do you see the Zotero tab in Word? If not, you did something wrong when performing the manual installation. If you can see the tab, what happens when you press the plugin buttons? Could you submit a Report ID?
  • Thanks very much for your help. Bizarrely it abruptly started working, not even following a restart or anything. Fingers crossed this is it now. (The tab was present in Word all along, by the way.)
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