How to permanently change a website's "Item Type"

I have a website that I use daily for research. It is an archive of scanned images from newspapers. To properly cite it (in genealogical terms), I must cite the newspaper itself, then the website as the Archive. I tediously am changing all the fields from this particular website because Zotero treats it as a webpage, which is understandable, but not what I need.

I am CSS stupid so if changing styles is necessary, I wouldn't know how to begin. Is there an easy way to simply tell Zotero to always cite as a newspaper article? Any other ideas?
  • Can you give a URL for one of the pages that isn’t importing in an ideal way?
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    I believe I have the same issue as described above. (And this is why I am not starting a new thread.)

    In my case it is the online newspaper Financial Times:
    Every time I save it to Zotero, it treats it as a "webpage." Is there a way to change this so it automatically treats it as a "Newspaper Article"?

    I have also had other similar cases, e.g. So if there is a place/way where I can help with assigning the right item type to different pages, I'd be more than happy to! (I absolutely understand that "my" idea of what the right item type is, might not be the same for everyone, and that this has to be carefully weighed in making any such decision.)
  • Unless websites embed highly standardized metadata, Zotero relies on specific scripts to import them. Those sometimes stop working when a site changes. You can in principle change them yourself, but it's fairly technical:
    We'd want specific URLs for articles that don't import as expected (not sure about Project Syndicate, btw.: I don't think that's appropriately captured as a newspaper.)
  • Thank you! Yeah, while I am very happy to learn a bit more in terms of coding, this might be a bit too technical for me still.

    Here's an example of a specific article which does not import as expected. Should I just post it here, or should it go somewhere else (to make it easier for everyone)?

    Yes, project syndicate might not be a "newspaper article" but maybe a "magazine article"? In any case, thank you!
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