Journal of environmental management in-text citation and bibliography

Dear Sir,
I want to cite the webpape in "" using the journal of environmental management citation style.

In-text citation looks like this:
World mineral statistics | MineralsUK,” n.d

Bibliography looks like this:
World mineral statistics | MineralsUK [WWW Document], n.d. URL (accessed 3.1.19).

I have several questions.
1. I think in-text citation and bibliography are wrong in my case.
2. Is there anyway to fix n.d. in both cases?

Thank you
  • That looks like you just need to correct the data stored in Zotero—add a date, authors, correct the year, etc. When importing just a bare website like this into Zotero, the data often won’t be very good and will need to be corrected a bit before citations.
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