Issue within CSL: Same Author for Book Chapter and Book

I am working with @damnation for a custom CSL in the humanities field. We encountered an issue in the case of the presence of a same author for book chapter and book itself. This is a very common case in the humanities where anthologies of papers or else by important scholars are commonly published also decades after their original publishing date. Furthermore, as in the case that I attach as an example below, the material might be edited and/or translated by editor(s).

Another typical case happens when one needs to cite the "Introduction" to a book or essay by the author that might have been written years after the book itself and republished in a different format, language etc. There are even cases where authors edit "Introduction" specific for national publications, where they directly address national scientific communities (when I say national I obviously mean communities of same-language speaking program). These introductions vary and are and might be cited correctly.

A common citation method in Italian bibliographies is to indicate this fact with the latin "Id.", abbreviation of "Idem" before the book title.

Benjamin, Walter, "L’opera d’arte nell’epoca della sua riproducibilità tecnica. Prima stesura dattiloscritta" (1935–1936), in Id., Aura e choc: saggi sulla teoria dei media, a cura di Andrea Pinotti e Antonio Somaini, Einaudi, Torino 2012, pp. 17–49.

Apparently there is any method to do this, could anyone think about a workaround to fix this?

I hope to have well explained the issue

  • We're aware of this, but it can't be done, nor are we terribly likely to support it in CSL any time soon, sorry.
    (While having chapter and book authored by the same person(s) is indeed quite common, the use of idem within citations is much less so and is increasingly less common -- though I do realize that it's used in several European humanities traditions -- so the case for adding the considerable complexity needed to get this right in citations isn't that strong)
  • Thank you, please take into consideration the issue anyway for future developments.

  • @adamsmith A related place where an idem-like rule within single reference exists is APA style, which specifies that if the publisher/website title are the same as the corporate author, they should be suppressed. That is currently ignored by CSL.
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