File Not Found error

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  • I am experiencing the similar problems.

    First, I used Zotero Standalone only on MacOS. Recently, I also use it on a PC (Windows 10).
    Suddenly, the PDF files are disappearing. I made sure, both installations were synced, but that did not help.

    I made the following observations:

    -When I relocated a PDF on the Mac by searching for the filename, it was found in a DIFFERENT zotero storage folder than before.
    -Each file is EITHER accessible on Mac OR on PC, but not both (blue dots and circles complement each other).

    It seems that PC and Mac do not play well together here. I assume that they store the files differently. Could you please check if this could be a bug.
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    No, this is a misunderstanding. If you're finding files in different storage folders, those are different items — either duplicates or files from different libraries.

    There are no issues syncing between Windows and macOS.

    If you're getting the File Not Found error, either they were deleted outside of Zotero on this computer (which is very unlikely) or they just haven't synced from the computer where they were created. See Files Not Syncing.
  • You are right, I was mistaken. It was a sync error.
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