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Hi, I have just noticed the new version of the online library, looks really nice, it appears that you can now add journals which wasn't available before which is really helpful. It doesnt though appear to try and retrieve the metatdata is this possible ?
  • By "journals" you mean PDFs?
    But no, it doesn't run retrieve metadata on PDFs and I don't think that's planned.
  • Yes sorry I mean Pdf's of journals, obviously in desktop if you add a pdf then it retrieves metadata, if you do this online it wouldn't which seems a bit of a shame. Is there another way that you can retrieve metadata by adding the journal directly online. We have always struggled with desktop version being used over a large group on many PC's and have found using the online mode has helped people a lot, the only problem was they couldn't add new journals, this would now seem to be resolved except we wouldn't have any metadata retrieved? Sorry if I am misunderstanding something simple.
  • The desktop app has many features the online version doesn't, and that's unlikely to change anytime soon, so for any sort of significant work you really want to be using the desktop version. We may be able to add PDF metadata retrieval online at some point but it likely wouldn't happen for a while.

    You can, however, use Add Item by Identifier in the new online library (which works the same as the save page that existed before).
  • Ok, thanks for this thats helpful to know. presumably you could add them online and then when you work on the desktop retrieve the data then that might work
    Thanks for your help
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