Slow "Quick Search" or "Find" compared to "Advanced Search"

I have a large library (15k articles each with a pdf attached).

When searching my library using "Find" or "Quick Search" with "Title, Creator, Year" selected, even just an author last name and year seems appreciably slower than using "Advanced Search" with creator and date search terms. The results for "Advanced Search" come up almost immediately whereas it takes a second or two for the "Find" results to appear:

Is this just due to the fact that the UI has change which refs are displayed in the library? Is there some way to improve this?

  • any chance this will improve when Zotero moves to electron?
  • Sorry, I wrote a response to this a while back but apparently never posted it.

    A few reasons for this:

    1) Unlike your advanced search, the search bar searches across title fields (including Publication Title and Short Title), and those obviously require additional work.

    2) The search bar searches for each word in the search query across the requested fields, whereas each advanced search condition performs a phrase searches against just that field. So "smith 2009" (without quotes) in the search bar will search for "smith" across all possible fields and "2009" across all possible fields, where as [Creator=smith] and [Date=2009] in an advanced search are much more specific.

    3) The search bar in "Title, Creator, Year" mode was searching through child items unnecessarily, even though they couldn't match the search. I've fixed that in the latest Zotero beta, so you can try that to see if it speeds things up for you.
  • Great, thanks for the tips! I'll try the beta.
  • This is now available in Zotero 5.0.83.
  • Does seem faster, thanks!!!
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