Can't Install ZotFile Plugin

I have a feeling I am missing something very simple but I am unable to install the ZotFile plugin. I am running Zotero 5.0.81 and I downloaded the latest ZotFile extension file from (zotfile-5.0.15-fx.xpi). I use the Google Chrome Connector and am running MacOS 10.14.6.

When I go to the Add-ons Manager in Zotero, I choose to "Install Add-on from File..." and select the Zotfile extension file. Zotero warns me to "Install add-ons only from authors whom you trust." The ZotFile plugin is listed and I choose "Install Now." After doing this, nothing changes in the Add-ons Manager. ZotFile does not show up. At the top of the Add-ons Manager, Zotero displays a warning which says, "Missing something? Some plugins are no longer supported by Zotero. Learn more." When I click the "Learn More" link, I am taken to a non-existent webpage (

I have restarted Zotero and my computer, to no effect. The only other plugin running is the "Shockwave Flash 32" plugin.

I appreciate the help anyone can provide with this!
  • In Zotero under tools-->add-ons, do you have tabs on the left? ZotFile would be under "Extensions" not under "Plugins"

    (@dstillman -- I don't see the plugins tab anymore on Windows, which seems like a good idea. Is that supposed to still exist? Couldn't find anything in the changelog)
  • Yes, the other tabs were removed, and there should only be an Extensions tab, so I'm not sure how @jadtaylor is seeing the Plugins tab at all.
  • @adamsmith - This fixed it! Thanks for the help.

    As you pointed out, once I click "Extensions" I can no longer return to "Plugins" as only the "Extensions" option is available.
  • @dstillman - Perhaps because I had not previously clicked the Extensions tab the Plugins tab was persisting until I did? FWIW, the Plugins tab now seems to be gone forever.
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