Google Docs plugin disappeared

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  • I have also been having issues - I've previously used Zotero with Google Docs but a week ago the add-on completely disappeared from my page. Trying to reinstall through Get Add-ons and I can't find Zotero at all in the Google Marketplace. What has happened to it?
  • (Please start new threads for new issues. The thread you posted to was for a different issue.)

    The Google Docs plugin is bundled with the Zotero Connector and isn't something you install manually. Make sure you have the Zotero Connector installed in your browser. If you're still having trouble, provide a Debug ID from the Zotero Connector for loading the Google Docs page and not seeing the Zotero toolbar.
  • Hi, I'm still having some issues, I'm getting this error:
    TypeError: Cannot use instanceof on a non-object.
    at Code (Zotero Google Docs Integration):748 (iterateSection)
    at Code (Zotero Google Docs Integration):772
    at Code (Zotero Google Docs Integration):758 (iterateSection)
    at Code (Zotero Google Docs Integration):857 (iterateSections)
    at Code (Zotero Google Docs Integration):747 (getAllLinks)
    at Code (Zotero Google Docs Integration):106 (getFields)
    at Code (Zotero Google Docs Integration):366
    at Code (Zotero Google Docs Integration):74 (callMethod)
  • Does this happen in a new document?

    We'd still want a Debug ID from the Zotero Connector for an operation that fails.
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